Tim W. Wood, CPA

CPA, editor and publisher of Cycles News & Views, uses cycles and statistical analysis to apply a “Quantified Approach” to classic Dow Theory. Tim combines a unique cycles approach learned from cycles pioneer Walter Bressert, along with his extensive studies of the writings of Charles H. Dow, William Peter Hamilton, Robert Rhea and E. George Schaefer on Dow’s Theory, to develop statistical probabilities for future market action.

Tim used the methods learned to correctly identify the 2000 top in equities as well as the magnitude of the decline that was to follow in that his forecast also called for a violation of the 1998 4-year cycle low in association with the decline out of the 2000 top.  That price objective was met in 2002 as the 1998 4-year cycle low was violated by some 200 points.  Throughout 2005, 2006 and 2007 Tim used his statistical analysis to warn his subscribers that the 4-year cycle was extending, that the manipulative practices by the money masters would only make matters worse and that his expectation was for a decline below the 2002 4-year cycle low.  Again, these methods proved 100% correct in that once the setup with his DNA Markers were seen the die was cast and the statistical expectations were realized in association with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  These same methods were also used to call the housing top in 2005, the commodity top in 2008 as well as the 9-year cycle top in gold in 2011.    In 2011, Tim also used his technical and statistical methods to correctly identify the May 2011 high in equities, as well as the October 2011 low and told his subscribers as price moved out of the May 2011 high that in spite of the Dow theory bearish primary trend change and his longer-term bearish views, based on the missing DNA Markers the expectation was for the May 2011 high to be bettered and for higher prices into the 4-year cycle top to follow.  In 2014, while crude oil was still in the $100 range, Tim called for the decline into the $20s, which was seen in early 2016. In 2013, 2014 and again in August 2016 Tim was also named #1 Gold Timer.

Tim’s research shows that equity’s rally out of the 2009 low has not occurred within the context of a secular bull market.  Rather, it has been a manufactured phenomenon, driven solely on liquidity within a much longer-term secular bear market.  Once the proper setup is in place with the DNA Markers, the advance out of the 2009 low will be followed by the resumption of the secular bearish deflationary forces that the money masters have been fighting since the 2000 top all along.   Based on Tim’s statistical and technical research, along with the poor underlying technical, fundamental and economic foundation in which the advance out of the 2009 low has occurred, the stage is being set for the perfect financial storm.   Once the DNA Markers that have been seen at every other major top since 1896 are in place, the die will be cast just as it was at previous tops and the potential for the decline that follows is outright scary and could well result in yet an even worse financial disaster than that seen in 2009.    

The mainstream commentators, economist and so-called experts on TV did not tell you about the 2000 top or of the decline into the 2002 low that was to follow.  The main stream media did not tell you about the consequences of the manufactured extended advance into the 2007 top or that the efforts by the money masters were only making matters worse.  Again, where was the mainstream media and all of the expert economists in 2005 in regard to the top in housing or the 2008 top in commodities.  Where were they during 2005, 2006 and 2007 in regard to equities?  Did you hear any mainstream expert, commentator, analyst or economist saying that the efforts by the money masters were only making matters worse?  Did you see them identify the 2007 top and warn of the pending decline into the low that was to follow?  Well, Tim did!  He was there on all counts and he correctly identified each and every top using his technical, cyclical and statistical based methods.  Yes, it’s all documented.  Just as the mainstream media, economists, brokers and talking heads did not warn you of these previous tops, they are not warning you of the current dangers.  Truth is, most of them do not understand the environment in which we are operating and if they did they could not/would not be allowed to tell you the truth.  

Tim successfully used his methods to correctly identify and warn his subscribers, before hand, of each and every one of these previous market events.  These same methods and the occurrence of the DNA Markers, which have been seen at every major top since 1896, should allow him to keep his subscribers informed and out of harms way this time around as well.  Current information about the market, his methods and the setup that will lead to the resumption of the deflationary forces of the secular bear market are available through a subscription at Cycle News & Views.  Don’t be blind-sided again.  Tim covers not only the stock market, but also bonds, gold, crude oil, the dollar and more.